The memories and love I leave behind
Are yours to keep
I have found my rest I have found my face
To the sun and now I sleep


The funeral service for your loved one is an occasion to reflect on their life, and remember what it was they added to your life, their vitality, their uniqueness, just being them. This is the time we celebrate their life, make it a day to remember, to share the sadness of their passing as well as to reflect on the ways that made them special.

I will come to your home and together we will spend time for you to share stories, photos, videos any detail about their life, loves and experiences. We can include poems, readings and music.

You can make no reference to religion or if you prefer a few elements, a hymn, a prayer, a blessing from any religion. You can celebrate their life almost anywhere, a green burial site, your home, a village hall or more formally in a crematorium, you can decorate the space with flowers, ribbons, or photos.

I can work closely with your Funeral Director, or with family and friends if you are arranging the complete ceremony yourselves, I can do as much or as little as you like.

My role is to plan the service with you, each person has their own individual life story and together with your family and friends let’s celebrate the life they lived.

Pre-Plan Your Funeral

pre-plan-funeralYou may decide that you would like to plan your own funeral service. It is such a sorrowful time for your loved ones and perhaps they cannot recall all those special memories you would like mentioned and remembered or maybe they are not aware of your closest feelings.

This would be the time to tell them how special they were and the memories you treasured.We can sit down together and create your service, with music that was special to you, with poems and readings and how you would like to be remembered.

I will make a presentation folder that you can leave for your loved ones, to ensure the day is exactly as you planned it.

Memorial Service

memorial-serviceMaybe certain family and friends could not attend the funeral or perhaps you would like to remember your loved one on a landmark date, a birthday, an anniversary or perhaps a year later.

You can choose almost any venue, your home, a chapel, outside woodland or the beach, the length of time is your choice. It may be a reading of memories, music, or even the same service as the original.It is for you to decide and for us to style as you wish.

Scattering of Ashes

scatteringYou can choose the final resting place of your loved one. It can be a time to take smaller children if they did not attend the funeral.

We can select poems, readings and say a tribute, you can plant a tree or something else of your choice, to mark their last resting place.It is a point to return to, when you require solace and time to contemplate. Your loved one can rest in a place where many cherished memories are held.

There are some restrictions to where ashes can be scattered.

Burial Interment

burialThe interment of ashes is a permanent place, where your loved one’s ashes will remain. This could be at a reserved burial plot or with other family members already there.

It is normally a short service with a poem, a tribute from the family, a prayer if you wish and you may want to place some flowers, and a headstone.