Someday these feet will do some things
that only heaven knows,
but for today they are happy
just to wiggle all their toes.

Baby Naming

A baby naming or blessing is a beautiful and joyous celebration to bring a child or children into the closer family.

It recognises the important role that parents, grandparents and others you trust to support, inspire and protect your child’s future development and spiritual well being, and for you to declare your hopes and desires for their future.

  • The occasion maybe a new born baby or infant
  • Perhaps you are joining 2 families together
  • You are adopting a child or children into your family
  • As a non religious service you have not chosen your child’s religion they are free to choose their own religion when and if they choose to.

I will come to your home and we can craft a heartfelt and meaningful service to reflect the love and commitment you and your family will offer throughout their lifetime. It can be through, music, readings, poems, tributes, photos or lighting candles, anoint with oils and petals.

It can also include:

  • Releasing doves, balloons or butterflies
  • Name a star
  • Plant a tree

You can hold a ceremony almost anywhere, your home, a hotel, the beach.

Belly Blessing

belly-blessingThis can be done at a baby shower or on its own. They are to prepare the mother, spiritually, emotionally and physically for the birth of her baby, to adorn her with love.

To include: poems, readings, music, candles, oils and a small tribute to the mum to be.

What happens?

The time is dedicated to pampering and adorning the mother to be. On the day friends will bring a beautiful plate of nourishing food to share, style and brush and weave flowers into your hair, massage your hands and feet with relaxing oils and herbs, perhaps paint your stomach and each guest to bring a bead which is woven into a bracelet for you to keep. A reminder on birthing day of the love and support you have from everyone.