A little bit about me…

I love my job as a celebrant and the joy of bringing a ceremony together. Whether it is celebrating the start of a life or honouring the end of a life. Both are such meaningful occasions for me and more importantly for the family.

What is the best part of my job

I enjoy meeting and talking with every family and watching the smiles and emotion tumble out as we chat. It enables me to create and write a personalised script with warmth and honesty behind every word.

As a creative writer, I start each service with a blank screen and the words become a babbling brook and start to flow.

Every person and their family are wonderfully unique. There is, thankfully, no such thing as “normal” every ceremony has the family’s and loved one’s journeys and magical stories ready to be shared with their most trusted circle. It truly is a privilege for me to be part of their celebration.

Why did I become a Celebrant

For many years I had been looking for something more fulfilling. I had read at friend’s funerals and a baby naming and found it an honour that friends and family valued my sincerity.

I sadly attended a funeral, which tragically did not justify the great man who it was held for. It was not the right goodbye. I realised that day, that every single person deserves to end on a high and leave with dignity, and this was my light bulb moment. I wanted to do something that was personal, and give treasured memories to the family. I knew I could make a difference with my words.

How did I become a Celebrant

I knew it was important that I do the best I could for any family and loved ones and I spent the following months studying and finally completing my diploma as an OCN Civil Celebrant.

And in my spare time?

This one is easy – My family. I enjoy creative writing which thankfully works hand in hand when creating services and speeches. I regularly sing in a choir and enjoy upholstery. I couldn’t live in Bournemouth without taking advantage of the beach, sea, sun & sand.